Nites Studios provides services focused on music, photography, and film production. We operate a fully-featured production & recording studio located in Charlotte, NC.

Here’s a short list of services offered by Nites Studios:

  • Music production
  • Recording, mixing, mastering in a laid-back recording studio environment
  • Equipment consultations for bands & musicians
  • Digital Press Kits (DPKs) for bands, musicians, artists, and entertainers
  • Headshots and portfolio photos for actors and models
  • Mass digital distribution & royalty registration/tracking
  • Social media/brand management
  • Booking in the Charlotte/metro area
  • Talent management
  • Master backup & archival services
  • Creation date documentation (copyright) services for songwriters & recording artists

We also do event and corporate/team photography. Nites Studios can match any requirement!

If you are interested in our services, want to license a track or obtain exclusive rights to a track, please contact us at 704.450.8989 or send an email to